Serial Number: OS-784-1587-IS


Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Current Assignment: Chief Engineer, USS Argus (NCC-75124)

Year of Birth: 2302

Place of Birth: Raal, Vulcan

Species: Vulcan

A veteran of 22 years, Simok is the longest serving of the Argus' senior officers, and during his career he has established a solid reputation for efficiency and excellence. One of the best examples of Simok's diligence was the four years he spent aboard the USS Wasp as its Transporter Chief, as during this period there were next to no incidents involving the ship's transporter system, which was well below average for a Starfleet vessel on an exploratory mission.

Simok's commitment to maintaining his reputation is his greatest downfall however. He applies his cold Vulcan logic to everything that he does, and this has a tendency to alienate those around him rather than inspire them. This lack of leadership ability has caused him to be overlooked for promotion on more than one occasion.

Simok is even more emotionally detached than most Vulcans and he applies a very strict form of logic to everything that he does. This has become even more pronounced since the death of his father, who was killed when his ship, the USS Saratoga, was destroyed at Wolf 359. The loss of his father's katra continues to be a source of great sorrow for Simok.

Simok's slow progression to the higher ranks is also a source of frustration for him as he is unable to understand how his strict application of logic has failed to advance him faster. Most of his commanding officers, however, have noted that his application of logic is often too strict for him to be able to react to the unexpected quickly enough. The exception to this was Captain Sol'ar of the USS Shirkar, a Starfleet vessel with an all Vulcan crew, who commended Simok for his excellent work and promoted him to Chief Engineer.

Stardate 29511.1: Graduated Starfleet Academy.

Stardate 29599.4: Assigned to the USS Athens as a Junior Engineering Officer.

Stardate 30389.4: Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade.

Stardate 35164.5: Promoted to Lieutenant.

Stardate 36489.7: Assigned to the USS Tripoli as an Engineering Officer.

Stardate 39882.6: Assigned to the USS Wasp as Transporter Chief.

Stardate 42652.1: Assigned to the USS Shirkar as Assistant Chief Engineer.

Stardate 43932.6: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Stardate 47543.2: Promoted to Chief Engineer.

Stardate 50450.2: Assigned to the USS Argus as Chief Engineer.