Parker, Sara

Serial Number: HJ-893-7819-OS


Rank: Lieutenant

Current Assignment: Science Officer, USS Argus (NCC-75124)

Year of Birth: 2343

Place of Birth: New Berlin Colony, Luna

Species: Human

The granddaughter of celebrated Admiral Joseph Parker and daughter of a war hero, Sara Parker is Starfleet royalty. She was raised by her grandfather from the age of eight following the death of her parents in quick succession - her father on a mission to rescue a Federation colony during the first Federation/Cardassian conflict, for which he was posthumously commended, and her mother in a freak shuttle accident. Having spent most of her life around Starfleet, it was no surprise when she applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy in 2362.

Sara found the Academy far more difficult than she had expected when she first arrived, her family history proving to be more of a hindrance than a benefit. She would have quit halfway through the first semester if it hadn't been for a fourth year cadet named Jonozia Ramin, who helped Sara through the first couple of difficult months. Their friendship soon developed into a romantic relationship, but this ended when Jonozia graduated from the academy in 2363 and returned to Trill to enter into the Initiate Program. The two of them kept in contact until 2365, when the pressures of Jonozia's training no longer afforded him the time for regular communication.

Graduating from Starfleet Academy in 2366, Sara was assigned to the USS London (NCC-48403) as a junior science officer, where she was surprised to see Jonozia, now joined to Lex, join the same department six months later. Once again, romance blossomed between them and within the next six months the two were engaged, marrying the following year.

When Jonozia was offered the position of Science Officer on the experimental USS Sovereign (NX-74222) in 2369, Sara opted to remain on the London, replacing him as Science Officer. In 2369 she was promoted to Lieutenat and she remained aboard the London until 2374 when the Ship was destroyed by the Dominion in orbit of Tyra III. The most senior officer to survive, she was rescued by the USS Argus (NCC-75124), which was now commanded by her husband. Lex asked her to join his crew as the ship's new science officer following the death on the previous officer during the same mission.

Growing up in the shadow of her family's accomplishments has given Sara Parker a strong need to be evaluated on her own merits and she brings this determination to almost everything that she does. She first encountered these pressures during her first year at the Academy, where she enrolled on the security and tactical track like her father and grandfather, but soon struggled. It seemed that her instructors expected more from her than the other cadets, given that she was the offspring of such celebrated officers. This very nearly caused her to drop out of the Academy, until Jonozia Ramin helped her to evaluate her situation. She switched to the science track where she excelled, and learnt a valuable lesson in the process.

Sara's close relationship with Jonozia (who is now joined to the Lex symbiont) is a source of great strength for her, and the support that they offer each other should allow them to weather almost any storm that life should throw at them.

Stardate 43519.4: Graduated Starfleet Academy.

Stardate 43604.0: Assigned to the USS London (NCC-48403) as a junior science officer.

Stardate 45116.5: Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade.

Stardate 46270.8: Promoted to Science Officer.

Stardate 48672.4: Promoted to Lieutenant.

Stardate 51086.5: Assign to the USS Argus (NCC-75124) as Science officer.