Sheridan, Katherine Shannon

Serial Number: XY-311-8190-AF


Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Current Assignment: Tactical Officer, USS Argus (NCC-75124)

Year of Birth: 2380

Place of Birth: USS Voyager (NCC-74656)

Species: Human

Originating from the year 2504 as the daughter of Captain Katherine Janeway, the commanding officer of the missing USS Voyager (NCC-74656), Kate Sheridan is a woman displaced in time. She was found by the USS Constitution close to the Romulan/Klingon Border, unconscious aboard a disabled shuttlecraft bearing the markings of her mother's ship, mere hours before its disappearance on Stardate 48307.5.

With no knowledge of her past, Kate Sheridan was initially suspected of being a spy involved in Voyager's disappearance, but an investigation conducted by Starfleet Intelligence and Temporal Investigations over the six months immediately following her arrival confirmed her true origins. The investigation also revealed extensive training in Starfleet's advanced tactical procedures (normally only gained by passing through Starfleet Academy on the security and tactical track), and as a result she was given a commission with the rank of Lieutenant and assigned to the USS Crockett (NCC-38995) as a junior security officer.

Unfortunately, her time aboard the Crockett was not a happy one and she progressed little during the next two years. This was primarily because her superior officers often found it difficult to bring themselves to trust her and place her in a position of responsibility given her mysterious and largely uncorroborated past. One notable exception was a joint mission between the Crockett and the USS Sovereign (NCC-75222), during which she received a commendation for saving the life of the Sovereignís Science Officer, Commander Jonozia Lex. Sheridan's selfless act brought her to Lexís attention as an untapped talent, and he subsequently recommended her to Captain sh'Shaen for a senior security officer's position aboard the USS Argus (NCC-75124). Finally, when Lex was promoted to Captain of the Argus following Captain sh'Shaenís death, he assigned her as the shipís Tactical and Security Officer.

Kate Sheridan is natural leader and tactican. She is an expert at both hand-to-hand and weapon baised combat, including black belts in Judo, Ambo jitsu and the Klingon martial art of moQbara as well as well as being proficant with a Katana, Met'leth and Bat'leth. However all these abilities and tallents have been overshadowed by the uncertanty surrounding her past, something that has been of great frustration to her since she returned to active duty, especially as her own inability to remember hampers her attempts to defend herself.

This memory loss is caused by a mild case of temporal psychosis common to an uncontrolled journey through time that will normally diminish until the suffer reaches his or her her estimated date of origin (EDO), at which time their long term memory is completely restored. However in Sheridan's case it seems that full recall will come well before her EDO and her accelerated recovery is something thatm, while fortunate for her, is baffling to temporal investigations.

One explanation for this could Counsellor Bimitri Cassaria help in getting her to emerge from her catatonic state shortly after her discovery. Cassaria had been a great source of support for Kate Sheridan, remaining with her for the duration of the investigation into her origins in the six months that followed her rescue and his help has made it much easier for her to adjust to her displacement in time, possibly helping her to recover from the temporal psychosis at a quicker rate.

Stardate Unknown: Graduated Starfleet Academy (circa late 24th Century).

Stardate 48306.7: Discovered in a disabled shuttlecraft near the Klingon/Romulan border by the USS Constitution.

Stardate 48875.2: Starfleet commission activated with the rank of Lieutenant following the conclusion of an investigation into her origin and background.

Stardate 48875.4: Assigned to the USS Crockett (NCC-38995) as a Junior Security Officer.

Stardate 49982.1: Commendation received for saving the life of a fellow officer with no thought for her own safety.

Stardate 50991.3: Assigned to the USS Argus (NCC-75124) as a Senior Security Officer.

Stardate 51034.1: Promoted to Tactical Officer.

Stardate 51086.5: Promoted to Second Officer with the rank of Lieutenant Commander.