Lex, Jonozia

Serial Number: FX-240-1577-AT


Rank: Captain

Current Assignment: Commanding Officer, USS Argus (NCC-75124)

Year of Birth: 2340 (Host)

Place of Birth: Mal'ki Province, Trill

Species: Trill/Human (joined)

Born to a Trill mother and a Human father, Jonozia Ramin is the only hybrid Trill to ever successfully complete the Initiate Program and be joined to a Trill symbiont. As is traditional on Trill, Jonozia underwent the preliminary tests for joining on his twelfth birthday, although neither he nor his family expected him to pass. However, his results came back positive and with a higher than average match that almost guaranteed him a place in the Initiate Program. Buoyed by this news, Jonozia began to actively work towards being joined.

In 2359 Jonozia enroled at Starfleet Academy , following the science track and majoring in astrophysics. In 2362, during his final year, he met Sara Parker, a first year cadet also on the science track, and the two began dating soon after. Their relationship ended a year later when Jonozia graduated and took a three year leave of absence to enter the Initiate Program, but the two of them remained friends, keeping in contact until the pressures of the Initiate Program caused Jonozia to loose touch.

Jonozia was joined with the Lex symbiont in early 2367, four months after being accepted as a host and following the death of Lex's previous host, Katanna, from injures sustained at the Battle of Wolf 359. On his return to Starfleet he was assigned to the USS London (NCC-48403) as a junior science officer with the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade and was surprised to find Sara Parker assigned to the same ship. They quickly rekindled their romance and Lex proposed six months later. They were married in 2368 and in the same year Lex was promoted to the position of ship's Science Officer with an accompanying advancement in rank to Lieutenant.

Lex's work caught the attention of Captain Toran, the London 's Vulcan commanding officer, and when Toran was offered command of the experimental USS Sovereign (NX-74222) the following year, he asked Lex to join him as his Science Officer. Jonozia agreed, but his wife decided to remain aboard the London , replacing him at the Science Officer's position. Aboard the Sovereign, Lex continued to progress with a promotion to Lieutenant Commander later the same year, and another to Second Officer fourteen months later when the ship was commissioned. However, in December 2372 he was badly injured, and nearly killed, during a joint mission between the Sovereign and the USS Crockett (NCC-38995). His life was saved by Kate Sheridan, who risked her own life to save his, and this made a lasting impression on him. His injuries took him off active duty for a month, after which he returned to the Sovereign. On his return, Captain Toran offered him the First Officer position, but Starfleet over-ruled this promotion, choosing instead to assign their own candidate to the position. As a result, Toran put Lex forward for the same position on the soon-to-be commissioned USS Argus (NCC-75124).

As Argus' First Officer, Lex oversaw the refit which followed the complete systems failure that crippled the ship shortly after being commissioned. Lasting for over six-months, he became intimately acquainted with the ship and her crew during the refit, and was also responsible for bringing several new crewmembers aboard, including Kate Sheridan, Arkin Jora and James Dulmis. In early 2374 his knowledge of the Argus' inner workings resulted in his promotion to her Captain following the death Captain sh'Shaen in a Jem'Hadar ambush.

Like most joined Trill, Jonozia Lex has a friendly and outgoing nature that stems from several lifetimes' experience of dealing with other people. He never fails to make friends wherever he goes, engendering trust and respect in the people that he meets, making him a born diplomat and leader. However, those people who know him well also come see his other side - a strong streak of humility that can cause him to internalise his feelings and doubt his abilities, which sometimes leads him to over-compensate for a deficiency that isn't there.

These two sides to his personality come from the unique way in which the joining works between Jonozia and Lex. For most Trill, the merging between the personalities of the host and symbiont is a complete one Ė a partial integration is a clear indication of an incompatible host - but when doctors at the Symbiosis Commission checked Lex's condition after joining, they discovered that the mix of personalities varied slightly over time as Lex's personality phased in and out with Jonozia's. Further tests showed that this had no effect on the strength of the joining however, but was instead a side effect of Jonozia's unique nature, as his human side created a buffer through which the joining is filtered. Investigation into how and why this occurs in still ongoing.

One of Lex's biggest assets is his close relationship with his wife, Sara Parker. They complement and draw strength from each other, and as a result, work better when they are together. However, this may also prove to be Jonozia's greatest weakness, as it is unclear what effect loosing - or even the thought of loosing - Sara could have on him.

Stardate 40511.2: Graduated Starfleet Academy.

Stardate 40634.2: Begins a three year leave of absence afforded to all Trill Initiates in Starfleet.

Stardate 44124.2: Following his joining to the Lex symbiont, he is assigned as a junior science officer to the USS London (NCC-48403) with the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade.

Stardate 45785.4: Promoted to Lieutenant and Science Officer.

Stardate 46278.2: Transfered to the USS Sovereign (NX-74222) as Science Officer.

Stardate 46957.2: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Stardate 48092.2: Promoted to Second Officer when the Sovereign is commisioned.

Stardate 48714.3: Promoted to Commander.

Stardate 49982.1: Badly injured during a joint mission between the Sovereign and the USS Crockett (NCC-38995), he survives due to Katherine Sheridan risking her own life to save his.

Stardate 50013.4: Returns to active duty, but Starfleet Command overrules Captain Toranís recommendation for his promotion to become the Sovereignís new First Officer.

Stardate 50436.5: Assigned to the USS Argus (NCC-75124) as First Officer.

Stardate 51033.8: Promoted to Commanding Officer of the Argus, with an accompanying increase in rank to Captain.