Dulmis, James Edward

Serial Number: LK-937-8302-EH


Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade

Current Assignment: Operations Officer, USS Argus (NCC-75124)

Year of Birth: 2348

Place of Birth: New Providence Colony, Jouret IV

Species: Human

Born on Jouret IV, James Dulmis is the last survivor of the New Providence Colony, having lost his entire family when the Borg attacked in 2366. James himself had left for Starfleet Academy only six months earlier and news of the attack had a devastating effect on him, as he deferred his training until the next year and retreated inside himself. It was during this time that he met a fellow victim of the Borg's assault, Simon Fraiser, who had lost his sister to the Borg at Wolf 359. They became good friends and between them helped each other to come to terms with their loss.

James returned to the Academy at the end of 2367 and graduated in 2371, when he was assigned to the engineering department of the USS Thunderchild (NCC-63549). He served there until 2374, and earned a promotion to Lieutenant, Junior Grade in early 2373. At the end of 2373 he finally met the Borg face to face during their second invasion of the Sol System, and was awarded the Starfleet Citation for Valor after he single-handedly repelled a Borg assimilation party from the Thunderchild's engineering section. In 2374 he was assigned to the USS Argus (NCC-75124) as the Operations Officer.

James Dulmis' easy and outgoing personality hides a deep rooted pain and an utter hatred for its cause. This was most clearly demonstrated in what most people consider to be his finest hour, when he single-handedly repelled the Borg from the Thunderchild's main engineering. In actual fact, many reports from his crewmates stated that he was like a man possessed, using anything to hand, including a duranium bar, to cause as much damage to the Borg as possible, with very little thought for his own safety.

This encounter does appear to have had a positive effect on his emotional state however. Much of the pent-up frustration and guilt that James had carried since his family was killed while he wasn't there was finally given an outlet, and this hopefully should prevent a similar reaction occurring again should he ever encounter a stress trigger, such as the Borg, in the future. In effect, his confrontation with the Borg finally allowed him to obtain a degree of closure and move on.

Stardate 44095.6: Six months after joining Starfleet Academy he deferred his training for eight months following the death of his family on Jouret IV.

Stardate 48522.1: Graduated Starfleet Academy .

Stardate 48621.4: Assigned to the USS Thunderchild (NCC-63549) as a Junior Engineer.

Stardate 50101.4: Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade.

Stardate 50901.2: Received the Starfleet Citation for Valor after single-handedly defending the Thunderchild's main engineering section from a Borg boarding party during their recent invasion of the Sol System.

Stardate 51003.6: Assigned to the USS Argus (NCC-75124) as Operations Officer.