Cassaria, Bimitri

Serial Number: OD-710-3342-TS


Rank: Lieutenant

Current Assignment: Chief Counsellor, USS Argus (NCC-75124)

Year of Birth: 2330

Place of Birth: Zarentha City, Betazed

Species: Betazoid

Bimitri Cassaria was born with a rare defect that caused his telepathy to be active from birth, leaving him unable to block out the noise of other people's thoughts. This was fortunately diagnosed early and he was able to live a relatively normal life on Betazed after he learned how to control his telepathy.

In 2346 he gained a place studying psychology at the University of Betazed, his choice of course guided by his desire to help those who had been similarly afflicted with premature telepathic development but who hadn't had the advantage of early diagnosis. However, one of the side effects of his own premature telepathic development was that his telepathic abilities are unusually strong, and when he discovered this would have a detrimental effect on treating such patients, he enrolled at Starfleet Academy in 2351.

In 2371, Cassaria was instrumental in Katherine Sheridan's recovery following her discovery by the USS Constitution. Serving as that ship's counselor, he helped her to regain consciousness and then transferred to Starfleet Medical in order to continue her treatment until she was cleared for active duty six months later.

Bimitri Cassaria has all the necessary requirements that make up a good counselor. He is out-going, friendly and compassionate, often putting the thoughts of others before himself. This is a stark contrast to his childhood, which he spent largely as a recluse to avoid the overwhelming noise caused by other people’s thoughts. The effects of this childhood trauma are still evident, most noticeably in his reluctance to use his strong telepathic abilities and his preference for verbal communication, even with other Betazoids.

Stardate 32519.4: Graduated Starfleet Academy

Stardate 32586.3: Assigned to the USS Rutledge (NCC-57295) as an Assistant Counsellor.

Stardate 33846.6: Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade.

Stardate 35367.6: Assigned to the USS Graymalkin (NCC-42684) as an Assistant Counsellor.

Stardate 40347.2: Transfered to the USS Exeter (NCC-26531) as an Assistant Counsellor.

Stardate 45294.4: Promoted to Lieutenant.

Stardate 47821.4: Assigned to the USS Constitution (NCC-70201) as Chief Counsellor.

Stardate 48337.5: Transfered to Starfleet Medical in order continue treating Kate Sheridan following her discovery.

Stardate 48888.8: Assigned to the USS Intrepid (NX-74600) as Chief Counsellor.

Stardate 50264.6: Transfered to the USS Argus (NCC-75124) as Chief Counsellor.