Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus

Trial by Fire


Captain’s Log: Stardate 51086.5

Having witnessed the destruction of the preserver outpost on Tyra III, we are now en-route to Starbase 375 to rendezvous with the other surviving ships from the seventh fleet. I have completed my debriefing with the members of the engineer, science and tactical teams that were on the surface. The members of those teams have now returned to duty.

We successfully rescued fifty-seven survivors from the surface of Tyra III, including my wife. Five of these are still in critical condition and under Dr. McDonald’s care. Additionally, we recovered the bodies of five others. One of the critically injured survivors died before reaching sickbay. We also captured a Vorta named Yessic on the surface, but he committed suicide using some sort of sub-dermal implant shortly before we left orbit. Dr. McDonald was unable to revive him.  

During the course of this mission we lost 15 members of the crew, including the ships science officer, Lieutenant Commander ch’Var, who never regained consciousness following his injures sustained on the bridge. I hereby enter a commendation in the official record for the bravery and sacrifice that each one of them showed in doing their duty.


Captain’s Log: Supplemental

Recorded under security lockout Omega 1

Following the destruction of the power source on the surface of Tyra III we have detected no further evidence of the Omega particle and the damage to subspace seems to have been limited to the area within the energy field. However, just before the power source was destroyed there was a large discharge of energy from the surface that disappeared into space. We have been unable to determine the source or nature of this discharge.


“Tell me again why you want me to do this?” asked Patel as they approached the entrance to Argus’ main crew lounge, the 1888 club.

“I think that she’d appreciate it coming from you,” replied Lex as the doors parted and allowed them access. “She already knows that she has my trust and respect. This will show her that she’s gained yours as well.”

Patel nodded as he pulled a small velvet box from his pocket, “You were right, Captain. Her performance during our last mission was far above that of her rank. This is long overdue.”

“I’m glad to hear that you think so,” said Lex. “Have fun, Commander.”

Patel nodded and headed off into the room as Lex looked about. The room was shaped much like the ten forward lounges that were found on Galaxy-class, although, due to the lounge’s position at the rear of deck seven, the windows were longer and at a shallower angle. Lex was standing at the opposite side of the room to the windows. Beside him was the lounge’s bar, the rear wall of which was dominated by a painting of the first federation starship to bear the name Argus, a Surya-class starship from the mid 23rd century. One of Lex’s former hosts had had the privilege to serve on her for a short time and the registry number of the ship was where the lounge got its name.

A short time ago the shift change from Alpha to Beta shift had occurred. The lounge was currently quite busy with socialising crewmembers from a wide range of the ship’s departments. Lex was pleased to see that the crew was able to put the troubles of the war behind them, even for a little while. One of the hardest things in this conflict was going to be keeping moral up, especially while the federation was loosing so badly.

Lex’s gaze finally settled on the person he was looking for. She was sitting at one of the window side tables on the upper level. He manoeuvred his way through the crowd to where she sat. Finding a glass of synthale waiting for him in front of the seat opposite, he took it.

“I was wondering how long it would take you to get down here,” said Sara Parker without looking away from the window.

Lex looked in the same direction, taking in the view of the long slender nacelles that gracefully trailed the ship, with the warping stars streaking past beyond. He turned away from the view and took a sip of his drink. “I had some stuff to work out with Starfleet,” he said as he placed the glass back on the table.

Sara turned away from the window. “Anything you can tell me about?”

The question wasn’t meant as an accusation, but it still felt like one. They both knew that their careers in Starfleet required them to sometimes withhold information from each other, but this had been the first time where one of them withholding such information directly affected the other.

“Fortunately yes,” replied Lex. “Starfleet has approved my choice of science officer to replace Commander ch’Var.”

“Oh,” she said, “who is it?”

“It’s you,” said Lex. “I want you to stay aboard the Argus as the ship’s science officer.”

“And Starfleet Command approved this?”

“Admiral Chase had his reservations,” said Lex nodding, “but he couldn’t give a good reason why he shouldn’t approve it.”

Parker paused, looking thoughtful for a moment. “I don’t know, Jono,” she said eventually, “I’ve just lost my ship and all my crew mates. I should really take some time off.”

“We’re being reassigned to Starbase 88 for a three week layover while Starfleet reassembles the Seventh fleet,” said Lex. “It’ll allow us all some leave before we’re thrust back into the thick of things.”

“And you’re okay with me under your command?” she asked. “I don’t want you to treat me any differently or to stop me doing my duty, including putting me in situations that could threaten my life.”

“It wouldn’t make me happy, but I know my duty and yours,” he replied. “Sara, I want you here, by my side, where you belong.”

“Very well, Captain,” she said, “then I accept.”


A feeling of trepidation came over Thomas Patel as he approached the table where Sheridan was sitting with Bower and Mox. At his arrival, all three officers looked up.

“Lieutenants, Ensign,” greeted Patel.

“Commander,” replied Sheridan for all three. “Is there something we can help you with?”

“Actually there is,” replied Patel. “Could you spare me a few moments of your time, Lieutenant Sheridan?”

“Sure, Commander,” she replied indicating to the empty chair to her right. “Have a seat.”

Bower and Mox took this as their indication to leave. “We’ll catch up with you later, Kate,” said Bower as he left, “and don’t forget you still owe me that game of velocity.”

Kate smiled and replied simply, “Later.”

“Kate,” started Patel, refocusing her attention on him, “I want to commend you for your performance during the mission on Tyra III. That was quite an audacious plan to rescue the prisoners and it showed me that you have keen tactical mind.”

“Thank you, sir,” she said.

“I’ve talked it over with the Captain and both of us though that there was no better person to replace Commander ch’Var as the ship’s second officer than you.”

Sheridan looked like she was about to say something, but Patel raised his hand to stop her. “As a result we’ve also decided to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander,” he said, placing the small velvet box on the table. “Congratulations.”

Sheridan picked up the box and opened it to reveal a gold pip with a solid black centre. She extracted it from the box and attached it to her collar. Smiling, she said, “thank you. I won’t let you or the Captain down, sir.”

“We know,” replied Patel with a smile, “otherwise you would be wearing that extra pip.”





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