Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus

Nuclear Time

Chapter 10

Lex crouched behind the bushes at the edge of the trees lining the road leading up to the converted hanger entrance, his eyes fixed on the guard posted outside the small door set in the building’s side. As he watched, the solider pulled an extendable tube to each nostril and sniffed hard. Like the rest of his crew, the action caused Lex to suppress a shudder and he looked away. This was definitely one of humanity’s low points.

By now both Lisley and Sheridan should have initiated their attacks on their respective objectives. Sheridan’s capture of the command centre would allow her to draw as many of the remaining base personnel as possible to an isolated section, where she could seal them in then knock them unconscious with anesthizine gas. Together with Lisley’s team incapacitating most of the soldiers on base, this would greatly increase their chances of both capturing and holding the launch facility until they were ready to launch the sleeper ship.

Lex turned to Bower, “Any more guards?” he asked.

Bower consulted his tricorder. “I’m reading five more inside,” he said, “they seem to be grouped together in a small area not too far from the side door. No more on patrol out here though.”

Lex nodded and turned to address the rest of the team, “Ok. Olabi, on my signal take out the guard.” The Nigerian security officer nodded in response and Lex continued, “Once we’ve overcome the guard we’ll throw a stun grenade into the building to take out the rest.”

The rest of Alpha team nodded showing that they also understood and Lex turned back to Olabi, “Ok Lieutenant, let’s take out that guard.”

“Aye, Sir,” the security officer replied. He un-strapped his phaser rifle from his back and levelled it at his target. Once he had taken aim he fired a single shot and the guard crumbled.

“Move out!”

Alpha Team moved as one at Lex’s order. They covered the distance from the tree line to the entrance in moments, surrounding it as they waited for the next command. Lex nodded to Bower, who was positioned opposite him on the right hand side of the doorway, and the security officer kicked the door. It gave way first attempt to reveal five surprised guards with playing cards in their hands. They stared at the kicked in door for a moment and Lex quickly issued the next order to take full advantage of their shock-induced paralysis.

“Stun grenades.”

Lex and Bower both pulled a grenade and threw it through the doorway. The result was the instant return of the guards’ ability to move as they began to futilely search for cover in the empty hanger and Lex and the members of his team flattened themselves against the wall either side of the doorway. A moment later a blinding flash flared out through it as the grenades went off and the team poured in inside, their phasers raised. The motionless forms of the stunned conscripts greeted them and Bower gave the “all clear”.

Now for the hard part, thought Lex, lowering his phaser rifle.


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